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Personalized Puzzle

Personalized Puzzle

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Upgrade your family game night with a personalized jigsaw puzzle. Add your own photos for a truly special design that's made for you. Made of high-quality paperboard, using a precision cutting technique that assures every piece will fit. Arrives in a matching photo box so that you have a handy reference of what the completed puzzle should look like. Whether you’re looking for that unique gift or a way to de-stress. Puzzles can be hours of fun and a delightful way to escape from our busy lives.


  • Made of high-quality paperboard.
  • 252 pieces - 10x14 portrait.
  • 252 pieces - 14x10 landscape.
  • 520 pieces - 16x20 portrait.
  • 520 pieces - 20x16 landscape.
  • Printed in USA

Framing Puzzle

You may be wondering "what to do with a puzzle when it's completed"? Should you disassemble it and put it back into box, put it under rug? Actually, consider framing it! Look for frames at your local store or online. (enter specific size into search, for example - 16x20):

Check out this Puzzle Framing guide from Frames Now below

Photo Retouch

We can retouch and/or manipulate your photo before applying it to puzzle. Please leave an order note with your request upon checkout. Please note this option will increase turnaround time. Some example may be:

  • Add stars to the sky (makes it easier to assemble puzzle vs. solid color sky)
  • Convert photo into watercolor
  • Extend Canvas using Generational AI (for example, you have a cropped photo and would like to generate surrounding area)

Shipping & Payments

🚛 We usually ship from California, U.S. or fulfillment location in Asia. If you are located outside U.S., please be aware that you might need to pay an Import tax to Customs.

❗️If you are outside U.S. it is very important that you provide a correct phone number so that Customs may contact you if there is a need. Also, if you are GIFTING this to someone else, please warn them the parcel is coming their way. You will be able to pay any Customs fees due for the recipient.

💸 Returns are not accepted as the work is custom made and we can't put it back in stock. However, please contact us if there is an issue with your order!

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