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Custom Design Process

Custom Design Process

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◘◘ This product is an additional fee for custom engraving design services. The price includes design & engraving fee. Use the dropdown menu to choose how many sides of music box you want to engrave. For example, to have us design and engrave only the music box TOP - select "1".

◘◘ Describe your idea of an engraving and we will be in touch with you via email. 

◘◘ Revisions count: 3

◘◘ Reminder: Adding this to a "Predefined Melody" order will make the processing time longer; possibly a week or more, depending on the number of revisions and intricacy of the design.

◘◘ Below is an example of design process & revisions:

Client: "I would like flowers in background and initials 'J & K' inside circle"

Revision 1: 

Client: "Make the flowers cover the whole background. Change the font to something more funky/groovy"

Revision 2:

Client: "Add date 1995 MAY 21 underneath the initials and add some ornaments above the initials to fill the space in."

Revision 3:

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