Custom Melody Music Box Order Process

Custom Melody Music Box Order Process

What happens when I order a Custom Melody Music Box?

NOTE: This is for
18-Note Windup Type Mechanical Music Box Only

Standard turnaround time:
❌ Before: 6 - 8 weeks
✅ Now: 4 - 5 weeks

“Rush” add-on & Expedited shipping also available

Below, we will explain the process when you order a Custom Melody Music Box. (custom song)

  1. Once we receive your order and confirmed payment, we will start with the Melody Conversion process IF we have the following details:
  • (Youtube) Link to the song
  • Title & Artist (to make sure the link is correct / for the same song)
  • Preferred timestamp (12 - 24 seconds long only)

For example:
Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
0:25 - 0:45

❓ If unsure about the timestamp, you may either:

  • Send us a couple of choices, ranked according to preference. This way, if your first choice won’t work, we’ll try the next one and so on…

    - OR -
  • Ask us what timestamp can work best in the music box. This option takes longer, since we need to assess the whole song instead of just trying to convert the specific timestamp you requested.

Q: What is Melody Conversion?
A: We will convert the notes used in the song, to notes that can be used in the music box; Then arrange it to make the melody. In the process, we’ll need to cut off notes that won’t fit and observe proper spacing and placement.

Q: Are you able to convert all the notes in my song?
A: Only those that can fit within the limitations of the 18-Note music box.

  1. You will receive an email from us regarding the conversion process. OR we will be requesting any needed / missing details to start the conversion.Custom melody process email

  1. If your song is successfully converted to 18-Note Melody, we’ll send you a digital demo; for your approval.

Q: What does “successfully converted” mean?
A: It means we were able to produce an 18-Note melody from the conversion. 

If we encounter any issues and conversion wasn’t successful; we’ll let you know, provide suggestions when applicable, and wait for your input on how to proceed.

❗ It is normal to remove some notes that won’t fit, but if there are too many notes to remove that the song will end up unrecognizable, we won’t proceed with the conversion.

Q: What if I want some changes done to the converted melody?
A: We’ll revise the melody (if the changes requested are doable); and send it to you for approval. Revisions are free as long as we're working on the same link & timeframe.

Q: What if I want to try a different song or a different part of the song?
A: We'll have to start over with the conversion process. Additional $30 fee for each new conversion.

Q: What if I don't want to proceed with my Custom Melody order?
A: If we have already converted your song into 18-Note melody, there will be a $30 non-refundable Conversion fee.


  1. Once you approve the converted melody, and all details / requirements for the ordered customizations are complete (i.e., Engraving / Photo Insert); we’ll proceed to manufacturing your music box!

  1. We’ll send the tracking details via email once shipped out. 😀


⚠️ Please don’t forget to check and respond to our emails. A Custom Melody order is not something you can just place and forget.

⚠️ A Custom Melody order requires some back and forth between Donuma and the customer.  All order updates are sent via email. Please make sure to input correct & complete contact details on order.

⚠️ Phone number is required for delivery purposes. Especially for International / Outside US orders.

⚠️ All products are custom made, hence, the processing time. Multiple revisions / changes, customer’s delayed responses will make processing time longer, and affect completion time.

⚠️ Orders outside US are subject to import fees and taxes issued by the recipient's country (if applicable). Your local Customs or Post Office will get in touch with you to collect these fees before releasing / delivering the parcel. If you are sending it as a gift, kindly inform the recipient too.

⚠️ If your song cannot be converted into 18-Note music box melody, we can try a different song or opt for a refund.

⚠️ If we have already converted your song into 18-Note melody, there will be a $30 non-refundable Conversion fee.


→ Issues with song request / conversion

→ Custom Design engraving & other add-ons / customizations

     (Custom Design takes longer than basic engraving)

→ Number of revisions / changes to order

→ We're waiting for your reply

→ Chosen Shipping method

→ Orders outside US (and the clearance process of the receiving country's Customs Office)

→ Incomplete / incorrect details (on customizations, shipping address, etc.)

→ Holiday Rush!

👉 To learn more about Music Box Limitations, please check this article:
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