Lova - Heart Music box with Mirror

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Beautiful heart-shaped wooden music box with a Japanese wind-up mechanism and place for your photo inside a lid. This music box plays even when it's closed.

- Wind-up style and protection from over-winding
- Magnetic closing lid
- Shiny gold-colored Japanese movement mechanism
- Music box dimensions: 3 x 3 x 2 inches; gift box: 4 x 4 x 3 inches

🚚 Ships from California, USA

🕒 Processing + Shipping time

  • Regular Melody: around 2 weeks
  • Custom Melody: around 6 - 10 weeks

*** longer for international shipments ***

Please understand that we can not quicken USPS. However, we always process orders in a timely manner on our side.

For INTERNATIONAL orders, be aware of any import taxes you might need to pay.

You can listen to the melodies on this page.



To have a custom song, please select CUSTOM as Melody. It is $200 extra and will take around 6 weeks to manufacture. 

A custom metal drum will be manufactured for you.

Example work:

🎶🎵🎶 How to order 🎶🎵🎶

Please send me a name and a link to a song on Youtube together with the time interval you are interested in.
For example:

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are,
0:25 - 0:45"

IMPORTANT: make sure the length of the fragment is 14 – 24 seconds (music box limitation)

Due to music box limitations, not all songs can be converted into a nice sounding music box melody. Rap/hip hop, jazz and songs with a lot of repeating notes would not work out well.

Usually, the best part would be a chorus. Please send the song original and not a piano/music box version.

If your desired song can not be converted into a music box melody, your payment will be refunded.

⚠️ If, after hearing the digital audio demo you decide you don't want to continue, there will be a $25 fee for demo.

⚠️ We prioritize customers who have already placed an order. If you simply message us asking whether a melody is possible, waiting time will be increased ~1 week.

🛑 The order will not move forward until we get your approval for the melody. Your timely responses will definitely help us process your order in a timely manner too.

❗❗ Custom melody orders that are in the "Manufacturing Mechanism" stage and onwards can no longer be canceled. Returns / exchanges are not accepted for customized orders but please contact us for order issues.